March Munch: Going Japanese at Nihonbashi Tei

My pick for the March Munch series would have to be this very Japanese 24-hour restaurant in Malate that me and my boyfriend visited once.

It felt so authentically Japanese, probably owing partly to the oriental minimalist interior.

For starters, our sashimi had generous slices of Salmon.

Then we had the ten zaru soba: cold buckwheat noodles served with nori flakes, a raw quail egg, and leek.

The noodles, soup, and garnish were all served separately so you control how much of which goes into your bowl.

On the side, we got prawn tempura, pork barbecue called shouniku, and skewered enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon.

All in all, it was a very fabulous dinner.

March Munch: Keema at Kebab

Lemme just do a quick one here.

I realized I've blogged about a gazillion restaurants but haven't written a single one about one of our favorite-est places to go to: Mister Kebab.

We've been going to Mr.Kebab for the longest time. I remember we used to have kebab night almost every week night.

At syempre, ang picture ng aking all-time favorite Keema with eggplant.

March Munch: Halo Halo at Razon's

Dahil tinatamad akong magsulat ng kwento, pictures na lang ang ilalagay ko.