Food for All June Weekends - Weekend 3

I realized July is about to end so that means I have to finish up this series very quick. As soon as I get my posts up to date, I swear I'm going to be more useful than just pictures. For now, though, here are pics of Weekend 3.

Chocolate and Coffee - Nowhere

I figured since this post will have very little variety, I might as well post the non-restaurant stuff.

It was just a sugar overload while having coffee prior to the actual dinner...


So this was our light dinner during Fathers' Day: braised beef with yummy hand-pulled noodles, chives and pork dumplings, hakao, and siopao.

This is how you go light.

We drowned them all with some sweet drinks... well, too, sweet, actually.

And I just can't help but post this itty-bitty detail: served like an appetizer or pika pika while waiting for the food was this tiny serving of something like peanut brittle but with sesame seeds.

Food for All June Weekends - Weekend 2

Pardon me if all I can post right now are pictures with nary any description, but I'm pretty sure the pictures will speak for themselves.

4 Fingers


Food for All June Weekends - Weekend 1

Unfortunately this was the weekend that I kept on accidentally reformatting my phone so I lost all pictures I took with it. Thanks to Instagram, however, I still have pictures to share.

Flavors of China

Nothing really amazing here. At the very least, I got full.

Chocolate Kiss

Another brunch buffet enjoyed at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe.

The cake samplers are the best!

Pho Hoa

It was a Sunday evening spent with my best friend. First, a quick dinner at Pho Hoa. The pictures of the actual food got lost, unfortunately. Then off for some coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Shangri La, and capping the night off with drinks at Metrowalk.


Since the posting of the May food experiences is already a tad late, I'm just going to post them all in one blow.

City Buffet

With an ambiance that piques your appetite and food selection that's nothing to sneeze at, City Buffet was a very exciting food experience.

The desserts were lovely as well.

My favorite part: I get to make my own ice cream cup and halo-halo.


Can't say much, but I enjoyed the food.


Of course, we always go back to our default settings: Japanese!

I got to grind my own sesame seeds, too!