March Munch: It's Sansung With an "N"

Seryoso na 'to. Last na 'to ng March Munch series. Promise!

For an office mate's birthday treat, our team headed to Makati Avenue for some Korean food experience.

Sulit naman kasi sa complimentary side dishes pa lang, panalo ka na.

We ordered samgyeupsal (one of the standard orders if going to a Korean restaurant I think), some kind of spicy noodles, and some kind of weird dish that you wrap in lettuce. I really can't remember all of them but they all tasted really good.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take much pictures of the food dahil parang puro kami mga patay-gutom na pagkalapag na pagkalapag ng pagkain, sugod na agad. At least I got this shot at the last minute:

I've been planning to take my boyfriend to that restaurant one of these days. Nahirapan lang akong tandaan kung ano yung pangalan niya. Now I know, it's Sansung with an N

March Munch: Bellore Breakfast Buffet

Well, I thought I was done with the March Munch series but my photo album showed me otherwise so here's another installment from our food adventures that month.

Bellore, an amalgam of the three owners' last names - Beltran, Lopez, and Reyes, is a quaint little restaurant along Examiner Street in Quezon City. The restaurant is quite known for their "Everyday Breakfast Buffet" which me and my boyfriend have already enjoyed a couple of times.

The buffet table may not offer an overwhelming variety of mostly Filipino dishes, but it gives you enough to be happy about. There's scrambled eggs, tocino, hotdog, danggit, ensalada, champorado, macaroni soup, and adobo. The food is quite fantastic in a home-cooking kind of way.

Some hotdogs, a piece of lumpia, and scrambled eggs.

I think I might've placed the camera too close to this tocino.

A bowl of champorado filled almost to the brim with fresh milk.

Pieces of ham and chicken.

March Munch: A Weekend of Food and Fun

Dahil Mayo na at hindi ko pa rin natatapos ang series na 'to, gagwin ko na lang isang bagsakan 'to.

From Saturday, Jatujak while eating food ordered from an adjacent restaurant (the name of which I already forgot), to watching two movies one after the other (Mirror Mirror and The Lorax) with an ice cream break at Sebastian's in between, to Sunday yakiniku lunch at Yakimix, then having a laugh trip watching Live Aids in the evening, straight to Malate to have a quick dinner at Hap Chan then to watch a benefit concert at The Library and capping the night off with fabulous performances by the Divas of O Bar. It was quite a long weekend but so much fun.

A chicken dish from Jatujak. I forgot what it was called, but it was yummy.

My boyfriend ordered noodles from an adjacent restaurant. I have to admit, though, that this is not the first time I ate something that I did not order in the place I was at.

Jatujak's Thai coffee is growing to be one of my favorites.

After watching Mirror, Mirror, we decided to go for another movie. So while waiting for The Lorax, we had an ice cream break at Sebastian's. Their cookie dough ice cream was divine!

For Sunday brunch, we decided to head to one of our favorite buffets: Yakimix.

More yakiniku, more fun!

Grilling the food right on your table is just as much fun as eating them.

Of course, we don't want to be hungry while we're grilling. Good thing they have a fine selection of cooked food, too.

For anti-umay, go for desserts!

Later that night, we laughed our hearts out at Live Aids 2012. We took advantage of the free photo booth, too.

After Live Aids, we headed to Malate to watch a friend who was performing in a benefit concert, but, of course, we had to have our tummies filled first so we enjoyed a quick meal at Hap Chan.

We're dimsum lovers!

And our last stop for the weekend: a couple bottles of beer while watching our favorite drag performers at O Bar Malate, Rhirhi and Letlet.

Random Inspiration #6

Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.

Oliver Herford (1863–1935)