The JunA's Ramblings #9

Someone says: your intelligence is my common sense. I say: your bitterness is my success.

An Italian Experience at Bellini's

For the very first day of July, my boyfriend and I wanted to try a restaurant we hadn't tried yet. We thought we'd go for something we don't usually get a taste for: authentic Italian cuisine.

So there we were, a reserved table for two at the quaint little Italian restaurant in Cubao X, and the first thing we noticed were the bread sticks on the table. Grissini! That was so Italian. Of course, a few moments later, we were also served the complimentary bread and seasoned olive oil dip.

So on to the actual lunch, we got, of course, pasta and pizza for that Italian experience.

Mine was seafood pasta which was quite a delight.

My boyfriend got pasta 3-colore alla rustica: a dish of fettuccine in three colors with simple tomato-based sauce bursting in flavor.

Of course, for the two of us, pizza on the side!

To cap off our lunch, we shared a slice of this marvelous orange cake.

Food for All June Weekends: Weekend 4

At dahil na-realize ko wala akong ni isang post for July, here's the last installment for this series.

World Chicken

Always good for gutom on a budget.


I really just love their French Macarons!

Midnight Mercato at The Fort

A good place for a food trip.

Tender Bob's

Chicken fingers and our Tender Bob's favorite: pork chops!


Since I wasn't able to get Mochico for dessert while in Mercato, Mochicreme na lang ang pambawi.

Bread Talk

Carbo loading! I love those floss thingies.


Ang dating carinderia, ngayon ay fastfood na!

The Old Spaghetti House

Frustratingly, lagi silang walang pasta negra.

And that's about it for June!