A Dose of Sugar and Caffeine Rush at TCB

I love coffee. I love cakes. So when a shop offers both of them unlimited, I'm sold.

TCB, The Cravings Bakeshop, offers unlimited coffee and cake - as much sweets as you can handle, as much as you can stuff in your mouth without getting nauseous from high doses of sugar - for a very friendly price.

My boyfriend and I visited TCB in West Avenue one rainy day and it was one of the happiest rainy days of my entire earthly existence.

Here are just some of the slices we've sampled.

Cake number 1 is choco-caramel.

Tiramisu was cake number 2.

This one's Philippine Mango Shortcake.

This was cake number 4 and I forgot what it was called. All I remember is that they were all so yummy!


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