Ryu Ramen & Curry

My boyfriend, being a Regine Velasquez fan, found out about the Asian Songbird's husband's latest venture in Tomas Morato, Ryu Ramen and Curry, naturally (and expectedly) wanted to try it out.

For a restaurant that's just recently opened, the menus looked a bit worn out.

The restaurant was still in its soft opening when we went there last August, but it already had quite a number of visitors. It took a while for us to get seated.

The space was unexpectedly small and felt a bit crowded with individual tables placed so close to each other and it felt a bit kitchen-y. The food really wasn't that great - nothing out of the ordinary - and the service, well, kinda sucked. Maybe it's because they were just new and it's just the soft opening of the place, after all. I don't really know. Maybe we'll come back to try and give them another chance. Maybe.

We're missing a plate!
Pork tonkatsu

Chasyu Ramen

Shoyu Ramen

Ebi Furai


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