Another Eat-All-You-Can Adventure at Mr. Miyagi

Living in Timog has a lot of perks, but the one I enjoy the most is the multitude of Buffet restaurants to choose from all in one small area.

Mr. Miyagi wasn't, at all, difficult to miss with the all-glass windows and more-than-enough lighting. The interiors were very minimalist with just a slight touch of opulence -- although those chandeliers adorning the buffet spread was very much like Yakimix in Trinoma.

I hope they weren't intentionally imitating one of our favorite Asian buffets, but everything about Mr. Miyagi was so akin to Yakimix - from the unassuming, straghtforward interiors, to the food selection. Although I think Yakimix offers more variety on the grillable stuff while Mr. Miyagi offers more cooked food choices.

Although, as always, my main targets really were the sushi bar and the desserts!

I really didn't get to take much pictures since I got too busy enjoying the food.


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